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The Journey So Far – My First 20 Years In IT

Hello! I am Jarod, the Operations Manager at IT Works – an MSP that provides a myriad of services for multiple different companies and organizations throughout the lower North Island.

Why I chose to work in IT

My 20 year career in IT started as a small child. I was one of those kids who spent a bit of time outside and got into a little trouble and then was given a Commodore 64 at the age of 9. This started off a life long passion. Many days and nights were spent typing out lines of code taken from books that I took out from the library, to play a game or do something like work out what day you were born on given the date of birth.

This played well into my love of numbers. This is when I thought that I would be a programmer and had grand goals of one day working for Microsoft, who at the time were breaking records and featured in just about every tech magazine with development of DOS and release of Windows.

As the years went by, I went from programming to Meccano, robotics, electronics and then through school and College, I studied Tech and Computing. After that, I went to CIT and then held different roles in different industries. This eventually led me to IT Works, where I originally started as a Field Engineer. I loved this role! It was great to go from site to site and getting to meet our clients and solve their problems. There was even the odd opportunity to have lunch with the clients or go down to Oriental Bay to enjoy some sun there during a break.

Went away, came back another day

After a few years, I took another role within another IT company and I very quickly learned how much I missed IT Works and the wonderful support of the Management team, staff, and clients that I had. Thankfully, I was able to come back into my current role and I really enjoy it. This role means that I am across just about everything that IT Works is about. I supervise the support desk and field engineers and am involved in a lot of the management decisions around training, reviews, agreements, processes, projects, sales and procurement, and billing. Having a varied technical background as well, means that I can also offer a wealth of experience and knowledge for a wide range of issues.

IT Works is not just an IT company that provides a lot of different services with an excellent track record for achieving customer satisfaction. It is a company that truly cares for its employees and clients. I have had some personal challenges during my 6 years at IT Works and I am humbled by the support I have received. Other colleagues have had similar levels of support.

I am excited to see how Information Technology develops over the next number of years and will endeavor to continue learning all that I can and to grow myself and watch IT Works grow at the same time.


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