Cyber security & Phishing Awareness

More than 70% of security incidents are caused by human actions - make your employees a strong first line of defense

  • Annual Awareness “Playbook”

    Scheduled simulated phishing attacks against your organisation

  • Reporting on Susceptibility

    We provide you reports on who opened the phish, clicked on the link, entered credentials – and benchmarks against other similar organisations

  • Automated & Onsite Training

    Regular training for your staff to identify, report and protect your organisation

  • Report "Suspicious" Emails

    One-click “Reporter Button” plug-in for your email client to enable staff to quickly flag attacks

  • Proactive Monitoring

    Real-time protection with advanced integrated email detection, triage and quarantine

Managed Phishing Awareness and Triage Service

The IT Works Managed Phishing Awareness and Triage Service is designed to ensure employees are conditioned to spot and report phishing emails immediately and prioritise and remediate phishing attempts automatically using Computer Vision and AI, all for a low monthly fee.

The IT Works Managed Phishing Awareness and Triage Service is intended to provide awareness and training to your team by simulating phishing attacks on your organisation based on the latest real-world threats that are known to bypass secure email gateways, empowering your staff to become human threat detectors. With resilient users attuned to the latest phishing threats, you have the best organisational defence.

Our Awareness platform allows us to configure a full 12 month playbook, complete with phishing simulation scenarios, landing pages, attachments and educational content, using advanced algorithms and embedded best practices based on current active threats, industry relevance and your past history of attempted attacks. It boosts reporting with our one-click “phishing reporting” button and easily monitors performance, reporting and organisational resilience for compliance.

Our Triage platform automatically prioritises and remediates phishing threats faster, proactively monitors top brand identities and detects phishing pages and their variants in real time, integrating seamlessly into both cloud and on-premises email platforms, looking at emails, landing pages and even attachments, analysing the actual visual representation and stops impersonation attacks in real-time.

What is Phising Awareness

Phishing awareness is more than being aware of what a phishing email may look like. Employees need to understand the different types of phishing, how attacks can be engineered, and the consequences of clicking on a malicious link, responding to an email with the requested information or opening a file.

Phishing training for employees is one of the most effective ways to strengthen your company´s defenses against malware, ransomware, data loss, and Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks.

Moreover, when your users report threats, your company can receive reciprocal information about phishing attacks found elsewhere. Such information can be delivered in Machine-Readable Threat Intelligence (MRTI) format, so it can be fed directly into existing security mechanisms (i.e. malicious URL detection systems), which update your technically driven online defenses against malware, data loss, and ransomware attacks.

What An Awareness Campaign Consists Of

One of the best ways to raise phishing awareness is to send simulated phishing emails to employees and stage attacks. Spear phishing and BEC attacks can be highly refined and personal. To make simulation training more impactful, include spear phishing awareness training by crafting messages that are addressed to an individual or specific group. Employ the personal and professional information you have on file to better simulate real phishing attacks that utilise social engineering. Sending a phishing email simulation containing a fake invoice query is simpler but may lack the relevant content that will make it an effective educational tool for every department.

The goals of phishing email simulation should be to build employee confidence, encourage communication, and establish habits that mitigate phishing attacks. Successfully using simulations is just one part of a larger phishing awareness campaign.

What are the Benefits of Awareness Training?

Monitoring the results of phishing training not only identifies employees who need further training but those who are reliable detectors of phishing. Post-training, many employees will report more potential threats to security teams. Reports from reliable detectors help security teams prioritise reports of possible phishing and respond faster.

When Should Phishing Training Happen?

A phishing awareness training program can be part of on-boarding, regular training, or done randomly to test the phishing security awareness of individuals or groups. The most effective programs will be thorough and ongoing.

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