Purchasing Hardware and Licensing Just Got Easy

Hardware & Licensing Procurement

When you acquire new IT equipment, you’re investing both time and money. A positive return on investment is vital to any organisation and to obtain this, effective IT procurement is paramount.

As a value-added reseller, the IT Works procurement team have long term supplier relationships, We also have trusted partnerships with distribution and vendor supply chains, which enables us to form a single point for strategic sourcing for our clients.

We are here to mitigate the risks of IT procurement, ensuring that your IT tools meet your business needs and are fit-for-purpose. Alongside this, we have the ability to leverage preferential pricing and help your business save money.

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IT Procurement & Financing

IT Procurement
IT Works will manage the procurement of all hardware.
Our procurement system provides a simple to use, efficient online quote/review/approval process for all IT procurement activity.

Our online procurement system automatically searches across all of our Suppliers to find the best available price for each item, and automatically checks product availability This allows us to provide you with both best price and lead time.

Standard “packages” can also be created for customers. These packages will cover the standard devices and peripherals that the Customer uses. This will ensure consistency across configurations and devices providing a standard user environment and interface. This will also simplify procurement; within the online purchasing portal these standard packages can be easily selected.

As part of our proactive hardware and software asset management service, IT Works conduct periodic reviews and surveys of users’ technology requirements and make recommendations on new devices and applications with clear, simple to understand pricing options.

IT Financing
IT Works’ flexible financing solutions for hardware, software and services goes beyond the traditional hardware-only financing. We take the burden of expensive, one-off capital investments away. Depending on your budget, we have procurement solutions that meet your business requirements.

Invest in the Right Technology

Advise from IT Experts

Asset Life-cycle Management

Maintained Standard of Hardware and Software

A Complete turn key solution from beginning to end

Warranty Management

Financing Options Suited to You

Increase Capital through Rental Options

Custom packages designed for your business

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