We Can Solve Your IT Problems When You're On a Boat In a Car Asleep Under the SeaOn the MoonOn Holiday In Your Office

I.T Works can connect to any PC or server around the country within a few seconds. We can remote control your PC or Apple Mac as if we were sitting right in front of it. This means if you have a problem we can take a look in moments, no need to travel, no need to even be in your office!

The Carbon Zero Solution to IT Support.

  • Instant Remote Support – No need for any installation on your computer.
  • Remote Maintenance – 24/7 access to remote computers and servers.
  • Secure - We can only access your computer while our software is running and you have given us the password. You can simply close the application to keep us out.
  • Remote access – Access your data and applications – anytime, anywhere We support remote desktops, servers and network devices on a single screen.
  • A support engineer can access troubled systems and have the tools they need for efficient support.
  • Quick Support Tool - This is for one off connections, simply close the connection to end all remote access.
  • Full Time Host - This is for those who require us to access there PC any time day or night with out supplying us any details.